Undergraduate Minor

The following courses are offered as a part of the Undergraduate Minor Programme Curriculum at CSRE:

Code Code Name Instructors
GNR 401 Remote Sensing And Image Processing (Core) Prof.Avik Bhattacharya, Prof. B. K. Mohan, Prof. Gulab Singh
GNR 403 Geoinformatics Lab (Lab Course) Prof.B. K. Mohan
GNR 405 Mini Project (6 Credits) Prof. P. Venkatachalam
GNR 407 Natural Hazards and Disaster Management (Elective) Prof.Nagarajan R and Prof. Venkataraman G
GNR 409 Terrain Evaluation and Landuse Planning (Elective) Prof. M.V. Khire and Prof. Adinarayana J
GNR 411 Integrated Coastal Management(ICM) (Elective) Prof.Inamdar A.B and Prof.S.S Gedam