Ph.D. Programme

The Course Credit Requirements and the Qualifier Examination Rules for the Ph.D. Programme at CSRE can be found here.

system_update_alt Credit Requirements & Qualifier Rules

The following courses are offered as a part of the Ph.D. Programme Curriculum at CSRE:

Code Code Name Instructors
GNR 803 Satellite Image Analysis Theory Prof. B.K. Mohan
GNR 804 Distributed Hydrological Modelling Prof. S.S. Gedam
GNR 805 Advanced Concepts in Polarimetric SAR Image Analysis Prof. Y.S Rao, Prof. Avik Bhattacharya and Prof. Gulab Singh
GNR 807 Digital Elevation Modelling Tools and Techniques Prof. S.S. Gedam
GNR 808 Introduction to Geospatial Technologies Prof. B.K. Mohan