Centre of Studies in Resources Engineering

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Established in IIT Bombay in 1976, Centre of Studies in Resources Engineering (CSRE) has grown into one of the premier centres in the country working in the frontier area of Geo-informatics and Natural Resources Engineering.

Modern technologies like Geographic Information System (GIS), Global Positioning System (GPS), Satellite image processing and Remote Sensing, are extensively used in the Centre's in teaching, research, consultancy and continuing education programmes. CSRE has been active in contributing significantly towards the needs of developing and demonstrating the technology of satellite data utilization and development of Geographic Information Systems. The Centre has successfully demonstrated the application potential of remote sensing technology in the programs of disaster mitigation like drought and flood along with national agencies such as ISRO and NRSC.

In the past, CSRE has organized about 150 short-term and long-term training programs and at present offers M.Tech. and Ph.D. programmes in "Geoinformatics and Natural Resources Engineering (GNR)". Doctoral programme at the centre aims to develop highly qualified and trained manpower that is needed for the effective utilization of contemporary technologies as applied to Natural Resources and related areas. The Centre also undertakes sponsored research and consultancy projects in hydro-meteorology, surface water resources and river water management, ground water resources, marine and coastal environment, agro-informatics and rural development, assessment and management of natural hazards and disasters such as droughts, desertification, landslides, avalanches, terrain evaluation and land-use monitoring and mineral resource exploration etc.

The Centre has also developed mutually beneficial international collaborations to carry out contemporary research programs with Leeds University, UK, Miami and Minnesota Universities in USA, Melbourne University, Australia, Technical University of Budapest, Hungary and ITC, The Netherlands.