1. RESEARCH Areas in Space

2. RESPOND Basket

Project proposals are invited from the Faculty, Scientists and Engineers under ISRO-IIT Space Technology Cell (STC). The format for submitting proposals can be downloaded . Kindly send it in eleven (11) hard copies to CSRE office, addressed to Convener, ISRO-IIT(B) Space Technonology Cell.

ISRO-IIT(B) Space Technology Cell was established in May 1984 through an MOU between Indian Space Research of Organisation (ISRO) and IIT, Bombay. The main aim of the Cell is to conduct advanced Research in several fields related Space Research Programme of ISRO. Through a Joint Policy Committee (JPC), several projects are given to the faculty of IIT, Bombay after a peer review of the proposals.The research projects now include areas such as Satellite Control, Composite Materials, SAR Interferometry, Crycooler, Sloshing, Radiation Hardened Devices, Data Compression etc. In most of these research projects, there were active interactions between IIT faculty members and research scientists of various laboratories of ISRO. The Cell is also supporting Continuing Educational Programme, Seminars, workshops and conferences.