Research Facilities

Satellite Image Processing Laboratory

ERDAS IMAGINE 9.3 (Processing and analysis of Geospatial satellite imagery); eCognition (Object-based image analysis software; ARCGIS 9.3 (Geographic information system; Matlab 2009b (High-level language platform with interactive environment), ENVI 4.3/IDL (ENVI-Processing and analysis of Geospatial satellite imagery); IDL-scientific programming language platform especially for visualization are available. Multimedia software - Dream Viewer, Authorwarw and Director.

GIS Laboratory

Geo-HPC - High Performance Computing Cluster; ERDAS Imagine Professional 9.3 (30 no), ArcGIS (30no) with modules - spatial analyst, 3D analyst, Geostatistical analyst, survey analyst, Publisher etc. GRAM++; HP Designet 4500 Scanner (42”). Matlab software for windows, Signal Processing, Image Processing and Neural Network tool box.

Geomatics Laboratory

Geodetic quality Dual frequency GPS receiver systems in 1200 series from Leica Geosystems alongwith a GPS enabled smart Total Station (TCR1205) and Single frequency surveying grade (PRO-XR from Trimble) GPS systems are available. They are used in acquiring Ground Control Points (GCP) for GIS and Image Processing based applications and monitoring. They are also used to calibrate the benchmark coordinates of GCPs for a urban mapping.

Photogrammetric Laboratory

Application with reference to Geo-location and Navigation; GPS and INS Integration; Hydrometeorology and Space Weather (Ionospheric modeling).

Microwave Remote Sensing Laboratory

SAR,INSAR,DINSAR, and POLSAR Data processing is carried out for snow cover mapping, Glacier dynamics etc. GAMMA (SAR and interferometric processing), Polsarpro (Polarimetric SAR data processing, ROI-PAC (SAR data processing and produce differential interferograms), StaMPS (Persistent scaterring processing)and DORIS (Object oriented Radar data processing) are available. Radar trainer, Wave Propagation trainer, Theta soil moisture probe.

Coastal and Marine Laboratory

YSI V2 -26600 has got sensors in analyzing Optical Dissolved Oxygen saturation, conductivity, salinity, temperature, turbidity, nitrate, ammonia, chloride, Rhodamine and pH from Fresh, sea or polluted water, in addition to Blue-Green Algae, Chlorophyll.

Agroinformatics Laboratory

Hardware/software facilities include - Sensor Network related; Distributed sensing devices (FieldServes of NARC/Japan; Agrisens of SPANN Lab/IITB; Flux Towers of NARC/Japan; and FieldTwitter of NARC/Japan); Sensors; GPRS transmission Devices; High-end Server for sensory data storage, retrieval, tec.; Dedicated ADSL for receiving sensory data; Wireless Communication Systems; Geo-ICT related (Various GIS/RS desktop and Open-source systems) and GPS (Geo Explorer). DSSAT (DSS for Agro-Technology Transfer) for various agricultural/environmental aspects.

Natural Hazard Laboratory

Instruments required in characterizing the Snow, Soil and rock material in understanding the terrain conditions of Landslide and snow avalanche prone areas are available. Automatic Rain gage, water level meter, sampling devices that are used in the field data collection is present. Software in demarcating potential landslide and avalanche are also available. Snow Moisture meter.