Deepak Singh
Assistant Professor

IIT Bombay


 ‚Äč+91 22 2567 7663

210, CSRE

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Ices play a key role in the chemistry and physics of planet and star formation. When the solar system formed, the most commonly found solid materials were ices. On Earth, the snow albedo feedback is one of the most potent positive feedback mechanisms. The snow albedo feedback is a key aspect of global climate change and it is one of the main contributors to the global warming. My primary area of research interest lies in understanding the cryosphere climate interaction of Earth and planetary bodies in our solar system.

Planetary sciences is a rapidly evolving, exciting and technology rich subject.  Although, my primary research focuses on understanding the ices of planetary bodies, planetary science as a whole tends to unify subjects that are customarily taught separately: Earth Sciences, Physics, Astronomy, atmospheric science, and even geopolitics and international relations to some extent.