Welcome to NHDM Group

    The effective utilization and management of renewable and non-renewable resources is the first step in the resource conservation process. The group members are working on the surface and ground water resource assessment and spatial demand, availability and deficit supply under different weather conditions, crop and human needs. Villages that are likely to be under water stress conditions are attempted on a river basin levels.

    The proposed developmental projects need to preserve the existing land, water, and bioresources in order to co-exist with the environment. Members have contributed to the preparation of EIA of railway and road alignment, international airport, open-cast mining and water resources developmental projects.

    Rainfall and earthquake induced landslide, and snow avalanche probability (path and origin) areas, flood inundation, drought vulnerability and probability, crop water stress, river basin management and soil salinity characterization etc. are the key topics of research is being carried out by the group members.