Associate Professor
Natural hazards and Disaster management group
Center of Studies in Resources Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology Bombay



Research Interest




Research Projects




Ph.D., Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, 1984.
M.Sc., Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, 1976.
Certificate program : Asian Institute Technology, Bangkok, 1983.
Post Doctoral : Aston University Birmingham with Prof. Gordon W. Collins, 1987.

Research Interest

* Orbital and air-borne remote sensing (visual and digital) and Geographic Information system application to physical resources & environment.
* Environmental assessment and monitoring of infra-structure and water resources projects. Assessment of water stress situation scenario of river basin.
* Natural disaster- landslide & snow avalanche and Flood & drought vulnerable area identification and monitoring information system for decision makers.


GNR 621 : Natural Resources: Hydrosphere, Cryosphere and Atmosphere
GNR 622 : Sub-surface Water Resource Assessment and Management
GNR 624 : Water Resources and River Basin Management
GNR 626 : Climate and Natural Resources
GNR 639 : Natural Disaster Assessment and Management


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Academic Excellence award, 2007 by Defence Research and Development organization, New Delhi, 12 May 2008 for the research achievements in the field of glacier and snow avalanches.

Certificate of Accomplishment - Geo-informatics in water sector 2005, Indian Water resources Society & Indian Society of Geomatics, (Pune chapter), National water academy, Pune.

Best paper presentation ,13th Convention of Indian Geological Congress, Roorkee, 28 December 2003, Dehradun.

 Research Projects

Mumbai Metropolitan Regional Development Agency
Development of action for environmental improvement of Mithi river and along its banks, Mithi River Authority, MMRDA, 2006.

Nuclear Power Corporation India Bombay
Identification & characterization of geological faults/lineaments around Jaitapur site for Nuclear Power plant, 2007.

Ministry of Science and Technology, New Delhi
Integrated technology utilization for Rahata bock, district Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, Depart of Science & Technology, 2006.
Assessment of the impact of Dec. 26,2004 Tsunami over Andaman and Nicobar Islands using Remote Sensing and GIS and development of an immediate response, 2005.
Integrated studies on Varandha ghat landslides - a micro level approach, 2000.
Studies on areas affected by landslide areas in Konkan area, 1995.
Studies on air-borne synthetic aperture radar data for natural resources evaluation in Godavari basin and Andaman and Nicobar islands, 1994.
Landslide hazard mitigation - abstract volume, 1992.

Ministry of Environment and Forest, New Delhi
Environmental impact of iron ore mining in Goa using remote sensing data, 1992.
Environmental impact of Bailadila iron ore mining using remote sensing data, 1992.
Wasteland Development Board/National Remote Sensing Agency, Hyderabad.
Mapping of wastelands of critically affected districts in India - Pune, Thane Maharashtra, 1988.
Rajiv Gandhi Drinking water mission, New Delhi/ National Remote Sensing Agency, Hyderabad.
Ground water potential mapping of parts of ooty/Gudalur,Wayanaad Malappuram, Palghat. 2002.

National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development, Bombay
Integrated studies on catchment and command area of Radhanagari reservoir using remote sensing and ancillary information, 1999.

Ministry of Water Resources, New Delhi
Development of Drought vulnerability indices for preparedness and mitigation, 2010.
Investigation of drought through remote sensing and land based information system, 2000.

Koyna Project authority, Irrigation Department, Govt. of Maharashtra
Land use and land cover assessment of Koyna reservoir using temporal remote sensing data, 1995.
Evaluation landslides along Koyna-Alore road section, 1995.

Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation, Mumbai
Creation of spatial information base of Goa for regional infra-structure planning, 2002.

Konkan Railway Corporation Ltd, New Bombay
Investigations on Katra-Laole (Jammu & Kashmir) railway alignment, 2003.
Land cover assessment along Konkan railway alignment corridor before and after the completion of Goa section (100 km length), 1998.
Delineation of fracture patterns and land cover along railway corridor in Goa and its implications, 1994.
Environmental monitoring of Konkan railway alignment during construction phase, 1994.
Studies on Konkan railway alignment using remote sensing and ancillary data, Maharashtra section (380 km length, 1994.

Indian Railway Construction Company, New Bombay
Studies on the water inflow onto the railway track near Nerul station, New Bombay, 1992.

City Industrial Development Corporation (CIDCO), New Bombay
Development of guidelines for qualitative evaluation of building material, 1992.
Environmental Impact assessment of Navi Mumbai International airport, 2010.

Larsen & Toubro Ltd, Bombay
Land use and land cover assessment around proposed Bauxite mine and plant area in Rayagadda, Orissa, 1994.

Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd, Bombay
Landcover assessment around the plant in Bombay for environmental evaluation, 1999.

Indian Aluminium Company, Kolhapur
Landcover assessment around Durgamanwadi bauxite mine, 1999.

Tandon Urban solutions Pvt Ltd, Mumbai
Environmental Impact assessment of Surya Integrated water supply, 2012.


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