Ph.D. students Received their degrees

  1. Ms. Varsha Ajay Turkar, College Teacher Category, 2013, Polarimetric SAR image classification for various land features.
  2. Mr. Shitole Sanjay Sandipan, College Teacher Category, 2015, Processing and analysis of Synthetic Aperture Radar Images for speckle reduction.
  3. Mr. R. Manavalan, external student category, 2016, SAR image analysis techniques for flood area mapping.
  4. Ms. Rinki Deo, project category, 2016 Evaluation of TanDEM-X interferometric digital elevation models generated over various terrains.
  5. G.G. Ponnurangam, 2016, TA category, Retrieval of soil moisture using polarimetric SAR remote sensing.
  6. Mr. Vineet Kumar, 2019,TA Category, Full and compact polarimetric SAR data analysis for various land features.
  7. Ms. Shweta Sharma, 2019, Land Deformation Mapping using Differential Interferometry and Persistent Scatterer Interferometry Synthetic Aperture Radar (DInSAR & PSInSAR) Techniques.
  8. Mr. Dipankar Mandal, 2020, category), Crop biophysical parameters retrieval from Polarimetry SAR data.
  9. Mr. Venkata Sai Krishna Vanama, 2021, Flood mapping in high density urban areas using geospatial techniques.
  10. Mr. Divya Sekhar Vaka, Joined in July 2016, DInSAR and PSInSAR for earthquake displacement mapping over India test areas.
  11. Mr.Bogapurapu Narayana Rao, Joined in July 2018, Soil moisture mapping using passive and active remote sensing techniques.

    Present Ph.D. students

    1. Ms. Nithyapriya Boopati, Joined in July 2016, Passive microwave remote sensing of soil moisture.