M.Tech. Final year projects

  1. Mr. Swapna Sarit Ojha, Software development for real time slope stability monitoring using GBSAR data, 2021
  2. Mr. Sriramoju Manoj Kumar, Mapping slope deformation on opencast mines in India using persistent scatterer technique, 2020
  3. Mr. Brijesh Kumar Maravi, Fusion of TanDEM-X and Cartosat-1 Stereo DEMs, June 2018
  4. Mr. Lokhande Rohit Kumar, Mapping land subsidence using differential and persistent SAR interferometry, June 2017.
  5. Mr. Bhupesh Kunar, Flood area mapping using Synthetic Aperture Radar imagery, June 2016.
  6. Mr. Minal Jain, Time series TanDEM-X Digital Elevation Model Evaluation, June, 2015.
  7. Mr. Ranit Saha, Design and implementation of radar image processing software, June 2013.
  8. Mr. Vivek Singh Yadav, Geocoding of Synthetic Aperture Radar Images, June 2013.
  9. Mr. K. Srinivas Rao, Permanent scatterer synthetic aperture radar interferometry (PSInSAR) and Small Baseline subset (SBAS) data processing techniques for monitoring of Himalayan slopes, June 2013.
  10. Mr. Ankit Jamod, Matlab based SAR signal processor for education use, June 2012.
  11. Mr. Chandrakanta Ojha, Permanent scatterer SAR interferometry for landslides and land subsidence mapping, June 2011.
  12. Mr. Siddharth Hariharan Kalpagam, Comparison of different polarimetric SAR image classification techniques, June 2010.
  13. Ms. Venkata Deepika Rani Gopu, SAR Signal processing for image generation, Aug. 2010.