Prof. A.B.Inamdar

Prof. A. B. Inamdar
Associate Professor
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Prof. Arun B.Inamdar: Completed Masters in Applied Geology in 1976 and Ph.D. in Geology in 1986 from IIT Bombay and initially worked on Remote Sensing applications to mineral exploration as well as mine environment. His current interests revolve around applications of Remote Sensing and GIS to various aspects of Coastal and Marine environment. Specific areas of interest include water quality monitoring, wetlands conservation, coastal vulnerability, climate change impacts and Integrated Coastal Management (ICM).

GNR 612 Marine and Coastal Environment
GNR 619 - Lithosphere and Biosphere

Key research interests

  • Use of remotely sensed data (OCM, SeaWiFS, MODIS, ASTER etc.) in assessing various water quality parameters and Primary Productivity(PP) of the coastal oceans and changes therein as a result of anthropogenic influence.
  • Development / application of best suited algorithms to assess ocean parameters like Nitrate, Chl-a, Turbidity , Coloured Dissolved Matter(CDOM) and Sea Surface Temperature( SST) and their monitoring
  • Modelling of sewage plumes and their impact on the coastal ecology
  • Salt water ingress in coastal areas
  • Coastal vulnerability studies along Indian coast line.
  • Application of Remote Sensing and GIS to Integrated Coastal Management and Climate Change studies.

Present Projects

  • Generation of best-suited local algorithms for ocean colour parameters, SST and Nitrite-nitrate using ocean colour sensors
  • Identification of best-fit algorithm for primary productivity estimation
  • Modelling of sewage plumes and their impact on the coastal ecology
  • Coastal vulnerability mapping and risk assessment
  • Wetland studies and anthropogenic changes in CRZ
  • Integrated coastal zone management and climate change impact assessment and monitoring
  • Simulation of seawater ingress
  • Eutrophication of marine and lake waters
  • Urban Heat Island
  • Biomass assessment using Geoinformatics tools
  • Coastal erosion and shore line change

Awards and Achievements

PH D Students
Mohor Bhattacharya (Ph. D. Student/TA)
Yogesh Agarwadkar ( Project Staff/RA)
Sami Azmi (Ph. D. Student/RA)
Mugdha Apte (Ph. D. Student/TA)
Anjan Roy(Ph. D. Student/TA)
Madhubala Talaulikar ( Ph. D. Student, NIO Goa )

MTech Students
Divya Bajaj (M.Tech. Student/TA)
Vineet Vaibhav (M.Tech. Student/TA)
Arjun Gopakumar (M.Tech. Student/TA)