Ph.D. Admission Instructions for Autumn 2022 Semester (Jul. - Dec. 2022)
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For Enquiries, Contact: phdadmissions(AT)csre(DOT)iitb(DOT)ac(DOT)in
CSRE Ph.D. Admissions, May 2022

  1. All the accepted applicants have to fill out the following form latest by May 18, 2022.
  2. Link to Google Form
  3. The interview will be held via online mode only. There is no written test for applicants. Interview dates are May 20, 21, and 22. Further details will be shared after receipt of the completed form.
  4. Keep checking the CSRE website for further announcements/updates.

Instructions for Ph.D. Interviews Autumn 2022 Semester (Jul. - Dec. 2022) (Updated on 19/05/2022 10:20 AM IST)

  1. Interview slots have been assigned. You may have received multiple slots for multiple committees and over multiple days depending on the number of topics you have selected.
  2. Check the following links to determine your interview date(s):
    Committee Name Live Status Sheet
    Committee A Live Status
    Committee B Live Status
    Committee C Live Status
    Committee D Live Status

  3. Interview will start at 9:30 am each day and will end around 5:30 pm.
  4. Interview would be conducted sequentially as per the file list.
  5. You can check your status and current progress in those files too.
  6. You can join the meeting via link provided in your respective file.
  7. Join the meeting when the interview of the person before you is ongoing. Wait in the lobby until you are admitted by one of the panelist for the interview.
  8. Each interview will take approximately 15 minutes.
  9. For any questions or queries you can email
  10. For any emergency, you can call/message the person mentioned in your interview sheets.