Ph.D. Topics for 2017-18 Autumn Semester (Jul.-Dec. 2017)
Written test: A pre-interview written test, consisting of questions related to the selected Ph.D. topic will be conducted for screening.

Interview: Interviews will be held on May 12, 2017.

Availability of seats for this semester for TA Category: 6.

Name of Faculty Member Topic Preferred Discipline
Prof. Alok Porwal Spectroscopy of Geological Material M.Sc. in Geology (First Class) with Chemistry/Physics/Maths in B.Sc.
Spectral Unmixing: Experimental Approach
Mineral Prospectivity Modeling and Mineral Systems Analysis
Prof. Y.S. Rao Ground-based SAR data for Slope Stability using PSInSAR Technique M.Tech. in Remote Sensing with B.E/B.Tech. in ECE
SAR Calibration and Validation
DEM Generation and Fusion from TanDEM-X and Cartosat-1 Data
Prof. B.K. Mohan Feature Extraction and Classification of Images using Deep Learning M.Tech. Remote Sensing with B.E./B.Tech. in EC/CS or M.Sc. in Physics/Maths
Dimensionality Reduction Methods for Hyperspectral Imagery
Analysis of UAV Hyperspectral Imagery
Prof. Avik Bhattacharya PolSAR Image Analysis using Matrix Information Theory M.Sc. Mathematics/Computing (First Class)
Application of PolSAR for Vegetation and Soil M.Tech. in Remote Sensing with B.E/B.Tech. in EE/ECE
Prof. Gulab Singh On Development of Mono/Bi-Static Fully Polarimetric SAR decomposition Methods B.Tech (EE/ECE)/M.Sc. (Mathematics/Physics) with valid GATE/NET Score OR M.Tech. (Remote Sensing) OR M.Tech. (ECE/EE)
Prof. Arun Inamdar Inter Annual Variability of Chlorophyll Concentration in the Sea and it's Influencing Factors including Wind, SST, Sea Surface Salinity and Heat Flux M.Tech., B.E./B.Tech. (with Geoinformatics)