IRS-P6 (ResourceSat-2)

Launch Date : Launched on April 20, 2011 PSLV-C16


It will be the state-of-art satellite, mainly for agriculture applications and will have 3 band multispectral LISS-IV camera with a spatial resolution better than 5.86 m and a swath of around 70 km (improved 25 km to 70 km) with across track steerability for selected area monitoring. An improved version LISS-III with 4 bands (red, green, near IR and SWIR ), all at 23 m resolution and 140 km swath will provide the much essential continuity to LISS-III. Radiometric resolution is improved 7 bits to 10 bits for LISS-III and 10 bits 12 bits for LISS-IV.

The sensors on board the satellite will provide data which is useful for vegetation related applications and will allow multiple crop discrimination and species level discrimination. Together with an advanced Wide Field Sensor (WiFS), with 80 m resolution and 1400 km swath, the payloads will greatly aid crop/vegetation and integrated land and water resources related applications.


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