IRS-D2 Satellite
IRS-1D Satellite (Indigenously launched operational satellite)

Satellite entered in elliptical orbits instead of circular after it was separated from rocket. Due to this problem, there is change in swath, resolution according to orbit distance from the earth center.

Launch date : Sept. 29, 1997 (indigenous PSLV-D4 rocket was used)
Equatorial Crossing time: 10.40 A.M
Altitude : 737 Km(Perigee)/821 Km. (Apogee)
Repetivity : 24 days; ( 3 days revisit) No. of Sensors : Three; 1) PAN, 2) LISS-III and 3) WiFS


The payloads are similar to IRS-1C (PAN, LISS-III and WiFS). The satellite is a follow on to IRS-1C

Resolution : PAN Sensor : 5.2 m (Perigee)/5.8 m (Apogee)
  LISS-III sensor : 21.2 m(P)/23.5m(A)
  LISS-III MIR : 63.6 m (P)/ 70.5 m (A)
  WiFS sensor : 728 m (P)/812Km (A)